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Lavender Growing and Calendar/Journal Entries

Lavender fields different varieties - pinks,blues and purples

Drying process of bunches of lavenders to hand up to dry

Southern France - provence

Instructions on Lavender growing........

Stoneman's  Website has a good fact sheet for growing Lavender.

Calendar - Journal Entries:

This electronic journal is an excellent idea because you can set it in  the month and time of planting by the moon.

You can do daily, weekly or monthly dates to your journal entries, and putting in reminders to your calendar and it will give you a pop up reminder when important events come up. Remind you when to do your planting of your new Lavenders in advance.

Lavender Growing Keeping a Diary
“Where to grow your Lavender and Climate Conditions”
Lavender is a “Mediterranean herb” that requires a lot of sun 8 hours per day. They grow and flourish in a dry heat especially in summer in environmental conditions that require well drained soil.
Growing in a sunny position provides the roots of the plant to seek moisture deep into the soil beds. They grow very well in the Mediterranean areas well drained and rich in lime.
It is a good idea to keep a diary of when you planted the new lavenders as they’re   longevity is only of five years you will need to replace them.
“Planting new Lavenders”
When you plant lavenders in acidic soil, Lavenders appreciate the addition of lime to the soil, if your soil is very acidic.
“Pathways and Hedges”
Scented Lavenders make great hedges and pathways can establish a house with colour, scent and beauty value to your dwellings. It also give character a wonderful abundant of flowers through the seasons.
“Growing Lavenders in Pots”
Growing  Lavenders   in pots with a little potting mixture and good drainage.
“Pruning Tips”
Always cut off the dead flowers of the Lavender and lightly trim them back in late summer.  Straggly plants can be cut in early spring or they become very woody and sparse and less new growth underneath.
Trimming is important to encourage new growth and new shoots to the plant and gives the lavender bushes a more  fuller appearance.
By keeping a diary you can go back on your diary notes of what went well and what was a disaster.  The journal diary can let you know the time and the date you planted your first new plants.


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  1. I see lavender growing around my suburb and it seeems to do quite well.