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Austria and Switzerland Tour 1986

The hills are a alive with the "Sound of Music"

Austrian Flag

Europe Tour 1986

City of Salzburg:  Attractions and scenic views.............


Views of Salzburg city
Salzburg - Alps
Views of Salzburg
Salzburg - cable cars



September 1986 - Contiki Tour  around Europe

Austria was my favourite place to visit the huge mountains sawing high into upper levels of the cloud, it was amazing comparing our mountains in Australia quite small look like hills.


I toured through Salzburg, Austria where the Sound of Music was taken and walked through the small packed streets of  Salzburg where Mozart was born I actually went to his house it is so small and very steep stair case inside to the upper levels of his house.  Each room has been left with his music scripts and instruments and small mementos.





I travelled on a train around the steep outer slopes of the Swiss alps to go up to the Jungfrau. It took me 2 hours 30 minutes by train to go up and wind around the mountains to the top and you can look down and see a small tiny village below from where you come from, you can't imagine how far up you are as it becomes colder and then you come to another outer layer of the cloud to sun and warmth look right across the alps it is such splendid views. There are creative ice sculptures inside like a fairy tale cave with colourful lights and lots of snow. Then be adventurous to go out to the balcony lookout over the Alps with thousands of feet right below you.


Swiss Valleys:


I was tavelling by bus past these open meadows and through the small villages tucked away into the hills with their lush valleys and wild Edelweiss grows on edges of the mountain.
I went walking for miles in the forest area and found small black moles living in the forests. I was curious seeing these black holes wondering what was in them first, till I saw the head of the mole where they lay in these dug out holes in the grassy banks of the hill. You have to be careful where you step;  like me I trod on one one and yelled to find it moved under my feet.

I  kept on walking for miles, following paths around the valleys, it was a splendid day I will never forget how life can be in another country calling into a small chalet for lunch.

Film on "Lake Lucerne" ......[3 mins]

My Contiki tour took us down to Lake Lucerne the lake is clear as glass on sunny days very picturesque we stopped over  to look at the village and people were buying Cookoo clocks.  We traveled a little further on to Swarovski Crystals shop where they have all the idealistic gift, I bought a gold pendent watch with the black rose symbol for the area. Moved onto a place called Gruyere.

Castle in Gruyere


Gruyere cheese produce of Switzerland
manufacturing Gruyere cheese

Gruyere - Castle maize
Gruyere countryside


In Gruyere there is some wonderful places to visit especially the castle, constructed in the 13th century, was home to a long succession of Gruyères counts. Michel, the last predecessors who faced financial difficulties and declared bankruptcy in 1554.

The creditors - the towns of Fribourg and Berne - shared his land between them. The Castle became the headquarters of the Fribourg bailiffs (1555-1798), then the prefects' residence until 1848.

In 1849 the property came into the hands of the Bovy and Balland families, who stayed there in summer and took care of restoration of the site with their artist friends.

In 1938, the State of Fribourg bought the Castle and opened a museum.

Around the Gruyere region it is famous for their cheeses, Gruyere cheese everyone has tasted some time in their life that are  rich in flavour and creamy and exceptionally good and goes down with a nice wine.

The production area of Gruyère  AOP extends to the various regions of French speaking Switzerland, 50% of the cheese is produced in the canton of Fribourg.

Many tourists have the opportunities discover the method of production of the cheese, educational routes to the demonstration cheese dairies passing by countless mountain cheese dairies, are a delight for the taste buds and the eyes. 

Gruyère  AOP enjoys a reputation which extends far beyond our borders. It not only occupies a place of honour on the cheeseboards of the most sophisticated connoisseurs but is always ready for use in many culinary recipes.

Castle: Enjoy the video of Gruyere........

Traditonal Swiss dancing: country side and valleys:

Traditional dancing and their colourful costumes as seen below:  show their costumes through the centuries, European traditions their local dancing and festivities they take pride in.


The wonderful fireworks at night that light up array of patterns through the skies to celebrate many festivities such as Bastille Day in some parts of the Swiss regions.


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